William Chester Baxter was born in Pittsfield, Berkshire, Massachusetts on 26 Aug 1811. His parents were Chester and Hannah Osborne Baxter. His paternal grandfather (William), who raised him, fought in the Revolutionary War. His maternal grandmother was a Mayflower descendent.

William Chester Baxter probably came to Texas in May 1836 and joined the militia in June. His obituary and Willie Mae Weinart's biography on William Chester Baxter agree in stating that he came to Columbus, TX in 1838 where he ran a hotel. The biography does state that he served in a military unit from June 4, 1836 to December 1836. For his military service the Republic of Texas gave him as a single man a certificate for 320 acres (married men got 640 acres) and a patent number of #630, which is on file in the Texas Land Office. William Chester Baxter came to Seguin in 1846, and married Caledonia Neill (daughter of John A. Neill) in 1848. She had lived in Seguin since 1842. Baxter bought his first lot/lots in Seguin on Dec. 25, 1850 from Andrew J. Neill. William Chester Baxter built his home in 1851 at 202 East Walnut Street. On Jan. 5, 1854 Baxter bought 100 acres in Guadalupe County from Andrew J. Neill, which became known as the Baxter Farm. William Chester Baxter sold the home in 1860 to James Watkins Fennell and moved his family to their farm. All of the Baxter sons worked on the farm. According to one newspaper article, William Chester Baxter became mayor of Seguin in March 1854. In the 1850 census, he had property worth $1000. William Chester Baxter also owned a blacksmith shop in Seguin and was either a partner or sold his blacksmith shop to William Neill, brother of Andrew J. & John A. Neill. William Chester Baxter had a sister named Anna Eliza who his daughter may have been named after. Although she remained in Pittsfield, her daughter (his niece) was living with his family in Seguin in 1870.

He married 1) Mary Ann Elizabeth Pace in Colorado Co., TX on 23 Jan 1842. She died sometime about 1846. He married 2) Caledonia Neill in Seguin on 26 Sep 1848. They had the following children:
1. William T. Baxter, b. 1849 d. 1864
2. Anna "Annie" Elizabeth Baxter, b. 1852 Guadalupe Co., TX d. April 1, 1894 Seguin, Guadalupe Co., TX m. January 1, 1872 Guadalupe Co. TX to William Pleasant Fennell b. 1849 Alabama d. November 23, 1936 Marfa, Presidio Co., TX

Children of Anna E. Baxter and William P. Fennell:
Alonzo "Lonnie" Fennell b. Oct 20, 1875 Guadalupe Co., TX d. Nov 15, 1952 Seguin, Guadalupe Co., TX Buried Riverside Cemetery m. Dec. 14, 1911 Seguin, Guadalupe Co., TX to Donnie Dove Randle b. Nov 5, 1889 Guadalupe Co., TX d. Sep 5, 1941 Seguin, Guadalupe Co., TX daughter of William P. Randle & Addie Holland. Buried Riverside Cemetery
Harold M. Fennell b. Jan. 1876 Guadalupe Co., TX d. after 1952 Buried probably Presidio Co., TX m. ca. 1904 location unknown to Frances Borroum b. 1882 TX d. Mar 31, 1963 Val Verde Co., TX Buried probably in Presidio Co., TX
William "Willie" Pleasant Fennell, Jr. b. 1878 Guadalupe Co., TX d. May 9, 1951 Seguin, Guadalupe Co., TX Never married. Buried Riverside Cemetery. Note: In the 1920 Census he was living with his uncle Andrew T. Baxter, D.D.S. in Seguin

3. Susan M. Baxter b. 1853 d. prior to 1870 (No cemetery marker)
4. Charley Neill Baxter b. 1856 d. 1889 (He was named for Charley Neill who was a sister to John and Andrew J. Neill)
5. Mary N. Baxter b. 1859 d. prior to 1870 (No cemetery marker)
6. John Chester Baxter b. Mar. 3, 1861 d. Jun 2, 1921 m. Mrs. Henrietta "Etta" Eliza Rees (Hollamon) on Apr 5, 1905
7. Frank Lee Baxter b. Apr 16, 1864 d. Sep. 22, 1940 m. #1 Marie Augusta Rust on Oct. 16, 1889, #2 Phila Pherrie Woods on Dec 27, 1905
8. Andrew T. Baxter b. Jun 19, 1867 d. Nov 25, 1938 m. Susie F. Moore on Dec 27, 1899
9. Walter Hope Baxter b. May 17, 1870 d. Dec 10, 1918 m. Jeanette Mae Hampton on Jan 5, 1898
10. Septemus Baxter b. Jan 19, 1875 d. Apr 1, 1956 m. Eugenia Hollamon Collins on Nov 27, 1900

All the children and spouses are buried at Riverside Cemetery except Frank Lee Baxter who is buried at San Geronimo Cemetery. The first 5 children, except Ann Elizabeth, died sometime between 1860 and 1870. William Chester Baxter died in Seguin on the 5 Jan 1903. The children’s birth dates are approximate given their listed age on the 1860 census report.


Children of John Neill b. 5 Oct 1760 Ayr, Ayrshire, Scotland and Margery (Ferguson) Neill b. abt. 1770
1. John A. Neill b. 23 Apr 1793 d. 16 Jan 1866 m. Elizabeth in Tennessee b. abt. 1809. John A. Neill moved to San Antonio, Bexar Co., TX in the summer of 1836. He lived in Bexar County until Andrew J. Neill got him to move to Seguin in 1842. John A. Neill's two patents and land grants were for being a settler and coming to Texas prior to March 2, 1836 (the date Texas declared her Independence from Mexico) and his militia service, which was from July 6, 1836 to Oct. 6, 1836. His patents were #262 for 4,605 acres and the Republic of Texas issued #263 for 4,425 acres and the certificates in January, 1838. He did not use the certificates issued by the Republic of Texas and did not request the land from the State of Texas until April 15, 1856 and the league of land was 7 miles south of the town of Pleasanton in Atascosa County. Today these 4,428 acres are located on Interstate 37 between San Antonio and Corpus Christi in Atascosa County). Atascosa County was organized August 4, 1856, marked off from Bexar County. The U. S. Post Office shows John A. Neill was the Postmaster in Seguin from May 22, 1846 to Dec. 10, 1949. John A. Neill sold his Seguin lots and acreage (farm) in Feb. 1850 to Andrew J. Neill for $450.The 1860 Census shows that John A. Neill, his wife Elizabeth and son Joseph A. were living in Atascosa County. (Neill was spelled as Neal). In John A. Neill’s will, a deed for an indenture clearly states that the widow and children would inherit the Estate after creditors were paid. There were several temporary administrators named for a few weeks to protect the cattle and hogs from being stolen. However, the Chief Justice accepted the filing from Mrs. Elizabeth Neill of Guadalupe Co. as the widow, to be the administrator of the Estate of John Neill. The deed shows that Elizabeth Neill, wife, Caledonia Baxter, Margaret E.L. Holland, all of Guadalupe County, and Joseph A. Neill of Atascosa County signed the deed and received $1840 for the balance and the property went to a creditor. J.T. Holland and W.C. Baxter witnessed the deed. This deed was signed by all parties on Jan. 15, 1867 in Guadalupe County before the County Clerk, but put on record in Atascosa County.
2. James Neill b. 2 Mar 1798, d. 8 Sep 1856
3. Agnes Neill b. 23 Jan 1800
4. Mary Neill b. 30 Sep 1803
5. Jean Neill b. 7 Sep 1805
6. William Neill b.7 Dec 1807 m. 13 Sep 1832 in Coshocton, Ohio to Mary Lawrence b. 6 Jul 1811 d. Dec 1901 in Seguin. William Neill brought his oldest child, his son John Andrew Neill b. 26 Jun 1833 Cochocton, OH d. 10 Jun 1917 Seguin, TX into the blacksmith business as his partner. John A. Neill later had other businesses after the fade away of blacksmith shops and was the mayor of Seguin for a long time. John A. Neill was married 4 Jul 1861 in Seguin, TX to Elizabeth Thompson b. 16 Dec 1845 Nashville, TN d. 26 Aug 1918 Seguin, TX burial San Geronimo cemetery. William Neill, wife, and two of his children are buried in the Neill lot at San Geronimo Cemetery.
7. Charles Neill b. 26 Sep 1809
8. Andrew J. Neill b. 9 Jan 1813 d. 23 Mar 1883. Andrew J. Neill arrived in Harrisburg (Houston) on July 4, 1836. He was a Captain of a Mississippi unit under General Felix Huston. They came from Natchez, Mississippi to fight in the Battle of San Jacinto but arrived too late. Andrew J. Neill was given the rank of Captain and his own TX militia unit (First Regiment of Volunteers) and he served from August 25, 1836 to August 25, 1838. Agnes (Brown) Neill was the first wife of Andrew J. Neill. She came from a wealthy family from Lexington, KY. She made two trips back to Kentucky prior to 1850. Beside Hillary Hall (demolished) she bought the land and built their home in Galveston in 1860, which they lost to confederate taxes, and again bought a lot and built a home in 1866 in Galveston just prior to her death. (She paid gold coins for the lot and title was in her name, not Andrew J. Neill.) Andrew J. Neill was a successful lawyer and landowner, fought at the Battle of Plum Creek near Luling-Lockhart, was a prisoner in the Council Courthouse in San Antonio, co-founder of Seguin, lived in the Umphries Branch Cabin, was on the building committee for the first courthouse, helped prepare plans for a jail, was the First Worshipful Master of the Masonic Lodge, a member of the State Legislature prior to the Civil War, and was the first trustee of the 1849 Guadalupe High School. Andrew J. Neill purchased the Neill-Cochran House in Austin in 1876. Andrew J. Neill and his second wife are buried at the Oakwood Cemetery in Austin, TX.

Children of John A. Neill and Elizabeth:
1. Caledonia Neill b. 1830 d. 1 Mar 1889 m. William Chester Baxter
2. Joseph A. Neill b. 2 May 1840 d. 11 Apr 1918. In 1870 Joseph A. Neill, a bachelor, was living with his sister Caledonia Baxter on the Baxter Farm in Guadalupe County.
3. Margaret L.H. Neill b.1842 d. aft 1918 m. J.T. Holland. In 1870, Margaret Holland was living next door to Caledonia Neill thanks to uncle Andrew J. Neill who gave his niece 12 acres of land for love and affection in 1868 according to a deed. Margaret Holland is buried between her husband, J.T. Holland, and her brother Joseph A. Neill in the San Marcos City Cemetery, San Marcos, Hays Co., TX.

John Neill and his wife are probably buried in unmarked graves near W.C. & Caledonia Baxter at Riverside Cemetery.


Isham Harrison Fennell b. 9 Dec 1806 d. 23 Jul 1880 in Seguin, TX at age 73 m. Margaret “Peggy” Bedford Fennell on 26 Mar 1828 (his first cousin, daughter of Rev. John Fennell of Charlotte Co., VA). Margaret "Peggy" Bedford Fennell died on 31 May 1846. He married Sara Delia Key on 15 Dec 1847. Isham Harrison Fennell moved from Alabama with his second wife, his oldest son James, his cousin William Pleasant and others and about 50 slaves to 1200 acres of land he purchased north of Seguin near Geronimo about 1855. The land was probably a part of Jose Antonio Navarro’s ranch in Geronimo, and probably a part of the original Cherino land grant.

Children of Isham Harrison Fennell and Margaret Bedford "Peggy" Fennell:
1. James Watkins FENNELL was born on 21 April 1832 and died on 11 March 1901 in Seguin, TX, at age 68. He was married November 8, 1854 to Miss Caroline Moore Beard of Alabama. He was a successful physician and was in charge of a hospital in Virginia during the Civil War. James Watkins Fennell moved from Alabama and purchased the property at 202 East Walnut from William Chester Baxter and remodeled the house in the Greek Revival style in about 1860, retaining a part the original Baxter cabin, and adding the second floor and porch. James was a physician and surgeon and had offices at the store of apothecary Louis B. LeGette. He was an early member of the Texas State Medical Association and wrote several articles for their medical journal. He was a benefactor, with William Chester Baxter, of the South Methodist Episcopal Church. Together they donated the land immediately south of the property for the South Methodist Episcopal Church (demolished).
2. Francis Marion FENNELL b. July 07, 1830 m. Martha T. Fennell
3. Isham Harrison Fennell b. 1844 Alabama; d. December 1862, CSA
4. Margaret Emeline Rebecca Fennell m. John K. Boring on March 19, 1868

Children of Isham Harrison Fennell and Sara Delia Key:
1. William Pleasant Fennell b. 29 Oct 1848 d. 3 Feb 1936 m. Anna "Annie" Elizabeth Baxter (daughter of William Chester and Caledonia Baxter)
2. Elizabeth Virginia Fennell b. 25 Dec 1850 m. Robert Wellington Smith
3. George Wesley Fennell b. 27 Dec 1852 d. 3 Jun 1898 m. Mary E. Nolan Perryman
4. Andrew Jackson Fennell b. 4 Nov 1855 d. Apr 1920 m. Mary Anna Lillard
5. Hubbard Hobbs Fennell b. 25 Aug 1857
6. Thomas Clark Fennell b. 14 Feb 1859 d. 9 Dec 1905 m. Fanny Wilson

Children of James Watkins Fennell and Caroline Moore Beard:
1. Florence G. Fennell b. abt 1856 m. W.R. Collins
2. T.D. Fennell
3. Margaret C. Fennell b. 21 Sep 1857 d. 5 Feb 1901 m. Stephen Malone Ewing (son of Alexander Ewing and Mary Jane Malone) b. 21 Jun 1850 Huntsville, Madison Co., AL d. 2 Feb 1901 in Seguin, Guadalupe Co., TX m. Margaret C. Fennell on 18 Nov 1875 in Guadalupe Co., TX. By deed dated December 19, 1853, Alexander Ewing of Madison County, Alabama, acquired from Jose Antonio Navarro (1795-1871) 6,509 acres of land, almost one and one-half leagues, the northern portion of the Marjila Cherino Two League Grant (the survey was administered by Navarro under DeWitts Colony, and he later purchased the same property and had his ranch there). This land is north of Seguin, Texas and east of San Marcos Highway, extending eastward about 2 1/2 miles and almost 4 miles north and south. This plantation was near Geronimo, Texas. The plantation consisted of many assets including 72 slaves upon the Inventory and Appraisement of the Estate of Alexander Ewing who died August 22, 1857. Of the 72 slaves, 39 were children. The slaves were listed in family groups: Rebecca & 2 children, James & infant, $1,500; Reuben & Luckey & 5 children, Polly, Eliza, James, Isaiah, Infant, $3,200; Peter & Nancy, $500.00; Zilpha 6 children, Gray, Eliza, Jane William, Amy Pheby $4,200. The total value of the estate of Alexander Ewing was $107,782.01. After the death of Alexander Ewing, his widow and children returned to Madison County, Alabama. In 1874, Stephen M. Ewing returned to Guadalupe County and made his home on 870 acres. In September 1883, he sold off his last remaining acreage and his homestead on the Geronimo Creek near Ewing Springs to Fritz Mattfeld.
4. Mary E. "Mollie" Fennell b. abt 1859 d. 1898 m. Joseph Burton Dibrell on 21 Jun 1882. Joseph Burton Dibrell, lawyer and politician, was born on December 1, 1855, in Whitley County, Kentucky, to J. B. and Margaret (Brawner) Dibrell. The family moved to Seguin, Texas, in December 1857. Dibrell attended the common schools of Guadalupe County before entering Emory and Henry College in Virginia, where he graduated in 1879. After returning to Seguin, he taught school for ten months and began studying law. He was admitted to the bar at Seguin in May 1882 and soon gained prominence as a lawyer and as a leader in the state Democratic party. Dibrell served as state senator from the Twenty-first District from 1894 to 1902. He was president pro tem of the Senate in 1897 and associate justice of the Texas Supreme Court from 1911 until 1913, when he resumed the practice of law in Seguin. He married Mollie E. Fennel (sic) of Seguin on June 21, 1882, and they had four children. After his first wife's death in 1898, he married Ella Peyton Dancy of Austin. They had three children before her death in 1920. Aided by the efforts of Ella and Senator Dibrell, the Texas legislature voted appropriations of $26,500 to Elisabet Ney for statues of Houston and Austin for the State Capitol. Shortly after Elisabet Ney's death in 1907, the Dibrells became actively interested in preserving her studio in Hyde Park. When Ney's husband, Edmund Montgomery, was forced to sell the property, Ella Dibrell purchased it to prevent its being razed or used for commercial purposes. For many years the Dibrells maintained the Ney studio as a shrine to their artist friend. Subsequently their children donated the property to the Texas Fine Arts Association, which Ella Dibrell founded in 1911 in honor of Ney, to promote art activity throughout the State (New Handbook VI:333). Joseph Burton Dibrell died at Seguin on April 11, 1934, and was buried in San Geronimo Cemetery.
5. Jefferson Davis Fennell b. 1862 d. 1900. Was also a medical doctor in Seguin and became a partner in his father’s practice by 1884. In 1899, Jefferson Davis Fennell shot Edgar Nolte (who survived) and he himself was assassinated in front of Vivroux Hardware in 1900. They had four children including Nettie Fennell.

The Fennell family is buried in San Geronimo Cemetery and Riverside Cemetery.


Johann Conrad Tips b. 12 Jan 1797 d. 31 Jul 1850. A city official in Elberfeld and a Knight of the Red Eagle Order, emigrated from Germany with his wife and eight children in 1849 aboard the Neptune and settled in Seguin at Live Oak Hills Farm (in the area near the Randolph AFB auxiliary airfield, in the area where Geronimo Creek flows into the Guadalupe River). Johann Conrad Tips and his daughter Klara succumbed to yellow fever the summer following the family's arrival in Texas and were laid to rest on the family's farm.

Children of Johann Conrad Tips and Anna Caroline Braun:
1. Frederick Julius Conrad Tips b. 11 Sep 1828 d. 7 Sep 1867 m. Anna Marie Peltzer. Manufactured hats for the Confederate Army in a factory at LaGrange during the Civil War. Julius and his wife both died during a yellow fever epidemic that killed 20% of the population of LaGrange in 1867.
2. Elise Johanner Tips b. 26 Jan 1830 d. 25 Jun 1918 m. Otto Wuppermann on 28 Sep 1850
3. Eduard Tips b. May 23 1832 Elberfeld d. June 20 1872 Austin, Texas m. Olga Basse b. Jan. 31 1841 d. Feb 25 1914
4. Hermine Tips b. Nov 15 1833 Elberfeld d. Oct 2 1903 Darmstadt m. Johann Staehely b. Elberfeld 1825? d. Darmstadt.
5. Klara Tips b. 31 May 1835 d. 25 Jul 1850
6. Rudiger? Tips b. 1837 d. 1837
7. Gustav Tips b. Nov 27 1839 Elberfeld d. Aug 24 1917 Houston TX m. Marie Sherman
8. Walter E. Tips b. Jul. 23 1841 Elberfeld d. Apr 20 1911 Austin TX. Nine years old at the time of his father's death, was sent to New Braunfels to live with his elder sister Hermine and family in New Braunfels and was trained in merchandising. During the Civil War, he volunteered as a Confederate soldier in 1861. He moved to Austin, TX after his brother Eduard’s death in 1872 and acquired the assets of his business on Congress Avenue with his partners Wilhelm Clemens, Jr. and Joseph Faust from New Braunfels and renamed the business Walter Tips & Company. Later this expanded into Tips Iron and Steel. Walter E. Tips married Johanna Mary Jane Pearce (b. Aug 1848 d. 26 Jul 1921) in 1867, related to the Runge family of Galveston and whose younger sister later married the son of Walter’s sister Hermine. On December 21, 1879, Walter, along with his wife's aunt, Mrs. Julia Runge, and her two cousins, Henry J. and Louis H. Runge, founded the Las Moras Ranche Company on 21 December 1879. Tips was in charge of the Las Moras Ranch when liquidation was intitiated, though he died in 1911, and the ranch properties were not completely dispersed until 1913. Governor Ireland (1883-87) appointed him to the Board of Commissioners of the State Penitentiaries, Governor Colquitt (1911-15) appointed him as a member of the State Library & Historical Commission, and he served for a number of years on Austin Public School Board of Trustees. In 1892, he ran for and was elected to the Texas State Senate.
9. Helene Celestia Tips b. Jun. 1844 Elberfeld d. Sep 22 1930, Cuero, TX m. Emil Reiffert b. Elberfeld, d. Sep 22 1930, Cuero. Emil left his parents' home in Hersfeld at the age of fifteen and sailed to Texas arriving at Galveston on the following December 23. He entered the general mercantile line three years later, in the employ of Heinrich (Henry) Runge, a merchant and banker of Galveston, Indianola and New Braunfels, who had arrived at Indianola in March 1846 from New Orleans. Emil Reiffert returned to the Runge home following his Civil War service as a Confederate soldier under the command of Captain Reuss in Hobby's Regiment. Emil managed the business in Indianola while Wilhelm and Eduard Mügge, who had been taken in as a partner, took over the operation in Cuero. After the hurricane of 1885, which all but wiped out the coastal town of Indianola, the H. Runge & Co. was concentrated in Cuero and the Reifferts moved there in 1886. Their Indianola home had been one of the few left standing by the storm. This home was later dismantled and rebuilt on a larger scale in Cuero. The H. Runge & Co. continued to grow, being engaged in general mercantile business besides selling machinery, buying cotton, running a general banking business and owning several ranches stocked with cattle. In 1870, Emil was named as a consular agent for the German Empire and served in that capacity until his death. He was a member of the Cuero Knights of Phythias Lodge. The Emil Reifferts made frequent trips to Germany to visit, spending months at a time in Europe, as two of Helene's sisters had returned to Germany to live and Emil had relatives there, although he had his younger brother and sister, Heinrich and Anna, brought to Texas.

Children of Frederick Julius Conrad Tips and Anna Marie Peltzer:
1. Gustav Tips b. 5 Dec 1856 in Seguin, Guadalupe Co., TX d. 21 Jun 1921 Runge, Karnes Co., TX. Tips moved to Runge in 1887 and established the firm of Reiffert and Tips. In 1905 he purchased a new store and continued merchandising. His firm built the first cotton gin, and he assisted in organizing two banks, the First State Bank and the Runge National Bank, succeeded later by the Community State Bank and the Victoria Bank and Trust. Tips was elected the first mayor of Runge at the time of its incorporation in 1912. Before incorporation, the town was managed by the Runge Town Company with Tips as its agent.
2. Julius Conrad Tips b. 23 Feb 1858 in Seguin, Guadalupe Co., TX d. 10 Sep 1914 San Antonio, Bexar Co., TX
3. Alma Tips b. 17 Jun 1859 in Seguin, Guadalupe Co., TX
4. Laura Tips b. 19 Oct 1860 in Seguin, Guadalupe Co., TX d. 3 Sep 1867 Fayette Co., TX
5. Charles Edward "Eduard" "Carl" Tips b. 4 May 1862 d. 14 May 1944 m. Mary Ann Gallaher b. 30 June 1871 d. 26 November 1963 on 4 June 1891. He built the C.E. Tips Building at the corner of Court and Austin Streets in Seguin in 1890 which housed the Tips and Campbell Hardware Store and the First National Bank. He was a founding member and president of the First National Bank of Seguin, Seguin’s first nationally chartered bank, established in 1897.
6. Alfred Tips b. 17 Aug 1866 d. 17 Mar 1943 Runge, Karnes Co., TX

Children of Charles Edward Tips and Mary Ann Gallaher:
1. Charles Rudolph Tips b. 5 Jun 1892 d. 11 Mar 1976 m. Hazel Woodward. He was a graduate of the University of Texas at Austin in 1913, was president of the First National Bank of Seguin and, together with his brother Eugene Tips, was involved in founding Three Rivers, TX and development in Runge, TX.
2. Bessie Bell Tips b. 13 May 1894 m. Dick P. Wall on 22 Dec 1923
3. Eugene Conrad Tips b. 20 Dec 1896 d. 2 Jan 1941 Nuevo Leon, Tamaulipas, Mexico m. Janet “Nettie” Fennell b. 14 Oct 1896 d. 14 Feb 1974 on 25 Oct 1918. He attended the University of Texas at Austin, but left to join the Air Corps at 18. He had one of the first airplanes in Guadalupe County, owned Tips General Insurance and was involved in development projects with his brother Charles. He was also associated with manufacturing an early proprietary 20th century modular and cheeked block system, which required only thin mortar slurry for binding the assembly. The system was used in several residential and commercial buildings in Seguin and Three Rivers, and possibly in Runge and Houston. He died while serving in the Air Corps.
4. Louisa E.M. Tips m. Michael C. Shea b.30 Aug 1895 d. Jul 1978

The Tips family is buried on land once known as Live Oak Hills Farm and the San Geronimo Cemetery.


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